Jamie Hollick



My passion for osteopathy started when I was recovering from my own knee injury. I had osteopathic treatment at the time which helped speed my recovery and repair the muscular imbalances that developed as my movement pattern compensated for the injured knee.

I was so impressed by how osteopathy helped me that I determined to train as an osteopath so that I could help others as I had been helped myself.

I trained at Leeds Beckett University graduating with a Master’s in Osteopathy.

I treat a wide range of conditions and have a special interest in sport and am registered with the UK Osteopathic Sports Association.

I have experience in martial arts having done Taekwon-Do for 15 years and more recently taken up Olympic weightlifting which has increased my understanding of the biomechanics of human movement so if you want to know how to do that perfect squat then I’m your man!

I am interested in the effects poor posture has on the body, often seeing people with back pain, neck pain and headaches from poor position related to the frequent use of computers.

I am keen to educate you on how best to use your body relevant to the task you are doing to reduce the risk of injury and to provide a tailored exercise programme to maintain good tone and fitness for your future health.

Hol-Med Clinic - Heaton Mersey

Monday to Friday
Call 0161 442 8513 - Osteopathy & chiropody bookings
Call 07801 542 669 - Acupuncture bookings

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