Margaret Gul
BSc (Ost)



I graduated with a Degree in Osteopathy in 1999 and worked in a number of private clinics before setting up my own practice in Heaton Mersey and I also run a private practice from the Wilmslow Health Centre. Working alongside the GPs is helpful as we work together to give the best possible care for our patients.

My original training as a nurse in a hospital environment has given me an invaluable grounding in medicine and first-hand experience of working with numerous medical conditions. I continue to draw on that experience to this day.

Working as an osteopath I feel I am able to give more time and a holistic approach to each person seeking help. My aim first and foremost is to listen. You know your body best and what you hope to gain from treatment.

Osteopathy does more than just help with immediate relief of pain. It is about giving you a better understanding of your problem and looking at all aspects of your life from posture at work to the type of exercise that might help you most.

I work closely with you to help you to achieve optimum health and maintain it.

I have a keen interest in how our mental health affects our bodies too. I see many people suffering from stress and anxiety and this reflects strongly in the body and the tensions it holds. To have optimum health we have to look at all the influences our lifestyle has on our health.

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