About Homeopathy


Homeopathy is a natural and effective scientific system of mind-body-spirit integrative healing. It is the second-largest form of medicine in the world and suitable for everyone, including babies.

Homeopathy works by enhancing the body’s natural ability to heal itself. A single, carefully chosen homeopathic remedy offers the help needed to restore a state of balance and wellbeing.

There are over 2500 homeopathic remedies and they come from a wide variety of sources such as plants, minerals and animals and other naturally-occurring substances. They are prepared via a unique, highly controlled process of dilution, which renders them non-toxic yet, paradoxically, more effective

How can homeopathy help you?

Since homeopathy is used to treat people rather than illnesses, anyone, whatever their diagnosis, can benefit from homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy works effectively in a wide variety of acute and chronic problems including infectious disease, allergies, gynaecological difficulties, digestive problems, and so on. It also helps to prevent future trouble by increasing the individual's strength and resistance.

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Nutritional advice


Nutritional therapists work with individuals to enhance their health and general wellbeing through diet and nutrition. They use their specialist knowledge to conduct a holistic assessment of a client's nutritional requirements and then suggest specific changes to their diet in an attempt to prevent or alleviate illness and to promote good health.

Nutritional therapists also work with patients with chronic health conditions in collaboration with other qualified healthcare professionals.

Nutritional therapy is a complementary therapy and is often used alongside conventional medicine.

Nutritional advice is given as part of the consultation process by Manu our Homeopath. A session using kinesiology can provide further benefits as it can determine your nutritional and vitamin deficiencies, along with food sensitivities and allergies.



Kinesiology makes use of muscle testing techniques to monitor the flow of energy throughout the body on a very fine level. The assessment techniques are good at identifying the causes of problems and can be useful in pinpointing the sources of ill health and fatigue that have no obvious medical causes. It lets the body reveal precisely where the problems may lie and what the body may need to improve the energy.

Corrections are made by gentle massage and touch on reflex and acupuncture points. Kinesiology makes use of specific body movements and may suggest changes in lifestyle or nutrition.

Manu Mistry

Homeopath, Nutritional Advisor

& Kinesiologist


“I enjoy the challenge of assessing a patient’s health needs from a holistic point of view and connecting the dots…….”

My background is in Pharmacy. I have worked in Hospital and in the Pharmaceutical Industry as well as some 20 years’ experience in Community Pharmacy. I am familiar with patients with complex medical issues taking conventional drugs for some time. I have experience in helping patients understand how the complex medicines work along with providing information about the side effects so I am able to support and optimize treatments for the patients.

“Helping patients to understand the basis of their health problems and how they can be supported where relevant using Kinesiology and Nutritional support is an essential part of the protocol….”

As a homeopath I am registered with The Society of Homeopaths which is a professional body whose members are trained to high standards and agree to practice according to a strict code of conduct and ethics. I qualified from The North West College of Homeopathy in Manchester. In addition I completed a postgraduate course in the Sensation Method of case taking by Dr Rajan Sankaran.

I am also qualified in Kinesiology and as a Diet and Nutrition advisor. I regularly use Kinesiology in consultations when differentiating between remedies and potencies.

“I love working with patients of all ages to find the best possible remedy and solution towards better health…”

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